We will help you realize how to apply philosophy in every day life.

As a professional athlete and International Olympic Committee Young Ambassador and Leader I have lived, trained, and studied on 4 continents through out 11 years. In the mean time I have managed to learn 6 languages fluently. Together with languages, I have learned about cultures and together with cultures I have studied different philosophies.

Recently, I have published an interdisciplinary scientific paper that tells about the Perennial philosophy and the Philosophy of nothingness. Based on these philosophies I have designed an effective applicative motivation program that improves mental health, competence, and gives direction to those who seek deeper meaning in their jobs and everyday lives. On this course you can expect Excellence Academy guest lecturer who will share own experiences regarding the way how philosophy can be applied in everyday life.

Bonuses that you get are:
- Applicative mind-body routine program
- Conversation with experts in these two philosophies

-Access to the closed Facebook group


Edin Branković, M.Sci.

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